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Talk on 'Low-skilled migration and precarious work - Where do the borders of forced migration begin and end?'
Apr 13 2017

In this talk, Priya Deshingkar will draw on research conducted in different locations in Africa and Asia, including India, to draw out the conditions in which low-skilled migrants are recruited and employed and the contrasting discourses on their experience. In doing so, she will highlight the often complex and contradictory outcomes of migration and the difficulties this creates for dichotomies of forced and free labour.

Discovering Our Voices: Agrasar
Mar 27 2017

Women's day was celebrated with full vigor and vitality. An interactive session was facilitated by our cheerful young leader in making Sonam Singh, a Societymaker team member.

Workshop on 'Labour Migration and Social Change in South Asia'
Mar 22 2017

Though the movement of people in pursuit of work is not new, labour migration appears to be a growing phenomenon in the South Asian region. Empirical studies and papers analysing government data have shown that migration is not a simple movement from village to city in this region, but involves multiple streams and patterns including short-term, iterative, permanent and return migration across short and long distances.


Expert Speak

N Ajith Kumar on Life of Migrants in Kerala

Due to language barriers the migrant workers face difficulty in accessing education and health care. The curriculum transaction in the schools in Kerala is in Malayalam, the local language or in English. The language barriers pose problems for the migrant children especially if they did not undergo pre-school education in Kerala.

Migration from Bihar

Bihar is one of the most impoverished States of India. The data shows that the north Indian states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab are favourite destination of migrants from Bihar.

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