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Poor sanitation in Mumbai
Dec 28 2020

The latest NFHS 5 data shows that the sanitation levels of Mumbai are very low compared to many cities in India. It is discouraging to see the city of Mumbai which has one of the cities hit with the COVID 19 pandemic.

End to manual scavenging
Dec 07 2020

With the amendment of the Manual Scavenging law, government is taking a major decision to end manual scavenging. Even though there were laws in place to end this in 2019 around 110 workers were killed while cleaning sceptic tanks and sewers.

Ensuring livelihood for migrants
Nov 17 2020

During the lockdown period many migrants in urban areas returned to their home towns in rural areas. What was their source of livelihood there? Were the schemes effective implemented? This blog looks into Jan Dhan Yojana and MGNREGS.


Expert Speak

Tushar K. Nandi and Saibal Kar on Intergenerational Occupation of Migrants can be Broken for Better Jobs

Tushar K. Nandi and Saibal Kar are Assistant Professors at Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta. In this interview they say that short-term migration can increase intergenerational occupational mobility. There has to be policies from the government to enhance the skills of internal migrants. The different types of skills the short term migrants acquire from different jobs can be utilised to break intergenerational occupational trap.

Comparison of migration of people for employment from all parts of India among states

The data is given for eight states mainly Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Chandigarh,Goa, Madhya Pradesh. The data is segregated on the basis of gender. it gives information on number of people migrated from all parts of India for employment to above mentioned states. This information gives details on migration pattern.

Source: census india

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